My Weekend with Ava

By Lynell Seabold Ava standing on the porch of her home on Nichols Canyon Road in the Hollywood Hills. Every once in a while, everything lines up in your life just right. That was the case for me in 2017. I had recently been promoted to Director of the Ava Gardner Museum, and I had... Continue Reading →

Museum Alphabet: The Ava Gardner Museum From A to Z

By Beth Nevarez; Graphic design by Lora Stocker The Ava Gardner Museum has spent the last few months participating in #MuseumAlphabet, sharing artifacts from the collection from A to Z as a way to bring the museum to you at home. Now you can explore the collection and museum from Ava to Zanuck right here... Continue Reading →

Ava’s Playlist

By Beth Nevarez The Ava Gardner Museum joined TCM in celebrating Jazz in Film in June by sharing songs by artists in Ava's personal record collection, many of whom were also featured in the films that aired during the TCM Spotlight. Now we have gathered all of these songs, plus many more from Ava's record... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day: Jonas Gardner

By Beth Nevarez and Lora Stocker “I remember my father so well. He was tall and lean with soft black hair. A cleft in his chin and the green eyes I inherited. But there was a sparkle in those eyes and a smile on his lips. He treated life as it came, and when the... Continue Reading →

Put a Record On: Musical Ava

By Beth Nevarez and Lora Stocker  While some might think of Ava Gardner solely in terms of her career as an actress, music was always a big part of her life. As an avid fan, particularly of jazz, she amassed a large personal record collection. In her youth, she had aspirations of being a professional... Continue Reading →

Tour the Ava Gardner Museum From Home

Did you know that you can tour the Ava Gardner Museum from the comfort of your own home? You may have recently seen a series of videos showcasing some highlights from our current exhibits on our social media platforms. We have added all of the virtual tour segments as well as a full virtual tour... Continue Reading →

Celebrity Visitors to the Ava Gardner Museum

By Lora Stocker & Beth Nevarez The first incarnation of the Ava Gardner Museum opened in the summer of 1981. Operating as a seasonal attraction, the museum was housed in a building where Ava once lived in the rural community of Brogden, North Carolina. In the spring of 1991, the collection was relocated to Smithfield... Continue Reading →

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