Ava’s Playlist

By Beth Nevarez

The Ava Gardner Museum joined TCM in celebrating Jazz in Film in June by sharing songs by artists in Ava’s personal record collection, many of whom were also featured in the films that aired during the TCM Spotlight. Now we have gathered all of these songs, plus many more from Ava’s record collection, into Ava’s Playlist, available on Spotify and YouTube.

Ava was a lifelong music lover who really enjoyed big band music, and she came to love flamenco after spending time in Spain. Ava spent a lot of time in jazz clubs and with her musician husbands. She also was a talented singer in her own right and her voice appears in several of her films. The Ava Gardner Museum is now the custodian of Ava’s extensive personal record collection. Read more about Ava’s love of music in a recent blog post here.

Below are a few of the highlights we shared last month, featuring artists in Ava’s record collection.

Check out the full playlists on Spotify or YouTube and let us know your favorite songs!

About the Author

Beth Nevarez is the collections manager at the Ava Gardner Museum. She has a master’s degree in public history and nearly 10 years’ experience working in museums. A Wilson, North Carolina native, Beth attended UNC Chapel Hill and UNC Wilmington for her studies, focusing on American history and public history. She now operates Beth Nevarez Historical Consulting and specializes in caring for historical collections and sharing history through collections outreach initiatives. 

One thought on “Ava’s Playlist

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  1. A very interesting contribution, which makes us take a musical journey in Ava’s time and brings us closer to her musical taste.

    Many thanks to the author!

    While working on my Ava Gardner biography, I am always amazed at how alive Ava Gardner is in European music. There are countless songs in which she is honoured, including the current song by Cuti Vericad, entitled “Ava Gardner”.

    I especially liked the homage of the Frenchman Alain Souchon: “La beauté d’Ava Gardner” – “The beauty of Ava Gardner.” Granted, the song is not new, but it’s full of poetic words addressed to Ava.

    I translated a very nice line from French into German, and then the German text into English, because I want to reproduce it here:

    “Whoever finds out that everything we gain, we can lose again,

    who want to change the direction of the rivers,

    to find the light,

    thinking of the beauty of Ava Gardner.”

    As always, I must apologize for my bumpy English.


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