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The Ava Gardner Museum, one of North Carolina’s most remarkable attractions, honors the life, loves, and legacy of one of Hollywood’s most glamorous leading ladies.

It’s here that you will see personal interviews and get the real story from those who knew her best.
Discover the real Ava Gardner as you take the self-guided tour through more than 5,000 square-feet of exhibit space. You’ll see extraordinary costumes, movie posters and awards that represent Ava’s 50-year career as a leading Hollywood actress.  The Museum also houses a collection of personal items of china, jewelry, clothing and fine art, including 40 portraits by Bert Pfeiffer, an artist whose collection was donated to the museum in 2001.

The tour also includes a screening of a short biography of Ava that features information about her life in Johnston County and commentary by family members, childhood friends, co-stars, and even one of her husbands, Mickey Rooney.
Get to know the people who played important roles in Ava’s life.  Her circle of close friends included celebrities such as Gregory Peck, Grace Kelly, Ernest Hemingway and Howard Hughes.  You’ll also learn about her marriages, which were even bigger news than her films. View artifacts that belonged to her third and final husband, Frank Sinatra, whom she considered the great love of her life.

For more information visit the museum website, www.avagardner.org.

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  1. Hello I have for sell a spectacular Ava gardner’s velvet dress(red and black), she wore it for the film Mayerling, contact with me and I send photos

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