It’s a “Fashion Fling” at the Ava Gardner Festival, Oct 3-5

The Ava Gardner Museum will open the new "Ava's Closet" at this year's festival, October 3-5.

The Ava Gardner Museum will open the new “Ava’s Closet” exhibit at this year’s festival, October 3-5.

Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez claim their admiration; Marcia Gay Harden and Kate Beckinsale played her on the big screen. Today, nearly 25 years after her death, designers, stars, and fans continue to emulate the sultry elegance of Ava Gardner’s fashion style. To celebrate her sense of style, this year’s Ava Gardner Festival, October 3-5, will feature a new exhibit entitled Ava’s Closet, which will showcase her personal fashion.

“The Fontana Sisters of Rome, Walter Plunkett of Show Boat-fame, Irene Lentz, Edith Head and Christian Dior are just a few to design costumes and personal clothes for Ava,” stated museum director Deanna Brandenberger. She had the glamour and style that photographers begged to capture and fashion designers clamored to dress. She is listed 25th among the American Film Institute’s Greatest Female Stars.

Friday night’s “Fashion Fling” will officially open the new Ava’s Closet exhibit at 7pm with two new cases: one for evening wear and the other for Ava’s casual clothing and accessories. A reception with Sinatra-style entertainment by The Carolina Crooner, hors d’ oeuvres and beverages will provide the “fling” for the evening. Ticket prices are $25.00 person and the event is the museum’s annual fundraiser to support the operation of the museum. Continue reading